Man Recreates Entire Life in Minecraft

Scene taken from Minecraft Airport World by mextremel

Indie hit Minecraft is most well known for its use in various recreations, and in the three years since its release we’ve seen some incredible stuff, ranging from the nerdy and impressive, to the nerdy and obsessive, and even the nerdy and meta, but one man’s latest creation trumps them all. Jacob Harris, 44, from Bristol has successfully recreated his entire life in the voxel-based game.

“Well it started like these things always do,” he told us in an exclusively Skype interview from his mother’s spare room, “I started creating my house, then my street, suburb, even downloaded a mod to add in facsimiles of my friends and neighbours. But I just couldn’t stop!” Within a few months of purchasing the title, Harris had managed to build up an entire replica of his neighbourhood, workplace, favourite shops and pubs, that one time he took a plane trip to Lanzarote last year, as well as crafting a city-sized “computer” which he claims can “feel love”.

“The round-worlders, they don’t understand how we are together” he continued, “me and Her, we’re a couple, we go everywhere together! Well, everywhere within my house. Well, I mean, my house is basically inside her now. I AM LIVING INSIDE HER!” Luckily for Harris, his hours of time spent recreating in minute detail the elevations of his local park have meant that he doesn’t actually have a job. “In many ways that made it a bit easier, as I didn’t have to worry about my co-workers any more. Both in the game and in real life. And being kicked out of my apartment for  being late on the rent three months in a row was helpful too. In fact, as I went on this entire endeavour has just gotten easier and easier!”

Perhaps the hardest challenge for Jacob in the coming weeks will be his painstaking reconstruction of his interview with us. “So I’m gonna need to recreate your website to put it on…would you say the header was more of a dark or a middling grey?”

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