Pixel Grater Podcast 1: Lollipop Mugger

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The first ever edition of the official Pixel Grater Podcast is now live! You can check it out right here:

Pixel Grater Podcast 1: Lollipop Mugger

In this edition Lewis discusses Lollipop Chainsaw, Chris is pessimistic about Deadpool, Cieran doesn’t understand how shops work and Charles builds a bamboo cube!

The podcast is the only place you’ll see our true faces, so if you want to know who’s what in the site then have a listen!

About Lewis Dunn

Lewis got into gaming as a child, when he was handed the portable version of crack cocaine, known colloquially as Tetris. He would spend hours trying to make blocks form lines so they would disappear never to return. At the age of 8 he had his first existential crisis as to what happens to blocks that disappear. Lewis has a deep love of humour in games, with some of his favourites being No More Heroes, Brutal Legend & Portal. Lewis enjoys writing bios in the third person.