Capcom release entire game as DLC

[caption cost $5]

Capcom have announced that upcoming title Super Street Fighter IV: Ultimate Special Edition X will break new ground in the gaming industry, by having the entire title released as DLC. The move is seen by many as both the logical conclusion of the company’s policies and a chilling image of things to come, with both EA and Activision hungrily watching the company for any signs of success.

At the company’s press release regarding the controversial decision, a minor official whose name I didn’t catch because I’m a crappy journalist said “yes, we mean the entire game. Having already experimented with charging players for DLC which wasn’t even downloadable and was already on the discs they bought in the first place, we felt that selling the entire game as downloadable content is the next logical step. Of course, the title itself will retail for full price, we’re not running a charity here.”

The first DLC pack will be available on release of the game and will include the loading screen ($5), the main menu ($10), the character select screen ($5) and basic options ($2). Players will have the option to purchase them together in a “deluxe bundle” for $20. After about a month the plan is to release some of the actual characters, at $1 each, however it will be another month until any stages are released for them to play on ($5 each).

“This will enable us to continue serving high quality content to our customers over a much longer period than would normally be expected” said the employee who probably had a name. “Also it’ll make us a bloody mint, and ultimately isn’t that what this is all about? Entertainment? Fun? Don’t make me laugh, have you seen competitive Street Fighter?”

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