Microsoft hardware division for sale on eBay

We were going to include a picture of the listing here, but none of us had Photoshop handy

A hardware listing has recently appeared on eBay for a mysterious item shown only as the “Microsoft hardware division”, for $400. The seller, who goes only by the name “sballmer56”, has stated that he hopes to “quickly divest” of the organisation.

The authenticity of the auction is certainly questionable, but given that Microsoft has as of late not said much about the department, and that it’s a notorious loss-maker means that the company trying to sell it off isn’t entirely unlikely.

The page listing reads “One (1) hardware company, slightly used, prone to making slightly melty hardware. Serious bidders only please. Collection or delivery available on request for an extra $50”. While bidding began at just $50, less than the cost of a pre-owned Xbox 360, it has now risen almost as high as $60, with at least two people having placed bids.

One of the only indications of what the item might actually be, as well as its veracity, is the image, however all that is shown is what appears to be a building in the Pacific Northwest. Of course there’s nothing to say that said building might contain the gaming hardware division of a large multinational corporation, and really all a buyer can do is hope that they aren’t being scammed.

While the identify of the mystery $60 bidder is unknown, our “1337” team of “h4x0rs” have managed to determine only that the bidder was a fifty-two year old male from Japan with the initials “KH”, however any other information was not forthcoming.

In unrelated news, Sony have announced that they are currently considering launching a Kinect “competitor”.

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