Blizzard Accidentally Give Away Passwords on Business Cards

Blizzness Cards. Yep.

In a move that can only be described as “really amazingly stupid” Blizzard has been accidentally distributing subscriber’s passwords to business clients via their business cards. The error, believed to have been caused by a mix up of Word files that were sent to Harvey Davison’s Serious Card Emporium, has lead to Blizzard asking all their clients to shred the cards.

“We would encourage our users that change their passwords, but to be honest the process involved in doing that is hard enough as it is,” said Michael “Mike” Morhaime in a live webchat he conducted over Reddit. “Instead of bothering our customers we think it’s both easier and fairer to completely destroy all business contacts. I mean, it’s not like we need anybody else. The major problem is that all our business cards are made out of a reinforced form of platinum alloy so shredding the card requires an industrial scale furnace, but we’re willing to provide those on request.”

Blizzard seems unfazed by the problem, as it explained in a press release sent out by horse drawn messenger. “Any client who has our card is either in our employment, a utopian philanthropist or is a European monarch of the highest order. No lowly scam artist will have access to our cards of business. Fear not those who live in our World of Warcraft, your PayPal is safe in the hands of the great King Morhaime.” The messenger then did a low bow and back flipped back onto his horse before the fine white stallion kicked dust into our face as the messenger rode off to NeoGaf to reassure them.

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