38 Studios: We were going to give each and every one of our fans $1m

What if sour grapes could talk?

In the wake of the collapse of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, more than just controversy has come out of the woodwork. Founder and CEO Curt Schilling has recently gone on record to say that the company was basically going to do everything. Ever. Even things which contradict other things. But now it can’t and they’re oh so disappointed.

“Firstly, we were going to offer up Project Copernicus as a fully realised, triple-A title, for free.” he said in a rather morose interview. “Yes, we spent hundreds of millions of dollars and bankrupted our company to make this game just because we care about our fans. Every time you bought an item in our microtransaction-based store you would have received a personal thank-you note from me, as well as a signed football. Every player was going to be assigned a personal mentor, paid for by the company, to ensure that their gaming experience was going to be the absolute best that anyone could ever offer, ever. But now for some reason we’re “bankrupt” and we can’t deliver on all of those things, which is a real shame. Now all you can do is listen to me tell you about all the cool things we were absolutely definitely going to do but now can’t. Also every player would be given $1m, just because.”

His comments have been met with great sadness across the gaming world. “I totally believe that he was going to to all of this stuff,” said one unnamed forum-goer. “I mean, why would he lie about it now, it’s not like he has anything to lose and is just saving face and trying to make people bitter or anything.”

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