Triangle, Square, Circle to All Join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sony today released a post on its official blog stating that Square, Triangle and Circle will all be playable in the upcoming Sony Brawler PlayStation All-Stars Super Battle Royale Smash. The announcement follows speculation that Sony were going to be showing of new characters at PAX. The blog promises that these classic characters will be available from the outset and that a hidden 4th character from the series of PlayStation buttons might be unlockable either through playtime or pre-order.

“When we began development on PlayStation Battle Star Superstar Smack Down Unleashed we knew we had to represent the PlayStation brand to its fullest capacity,” said Shannon Studstill, head of Superbot Entertainment and a real hottie. Like seriously she has these penetrating eyes that just… anyway, yes, the interview, sorry. “The buttons make up the only characters to have persisted across all PlayStation platforms, including the Vita. They’re quite simply inseparable from the idea of PlayStation.”

We asked if we could get an exclusive hands on and they told us no, so while they weren’t looking I stole a demo disk. Unfortunately you need a dev kit to play demo disks so we’ve got a sort of useless blu-ray here. If anybody out there has a dev kit they want to give us let us know, we’d love to give you a hands on with PlayStation MegaStar Red Hot Rumble vs Capcom 2012 but as of right now we’ve got Cieran jamming a screwdriver into my PS3 and trying to replace it’s processor with one he has in his garage. I don’t think it’s going to work.

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