Bioshock Infinite Announced for Nintendo Platforms

2K games has announced that Bioshock Infinite will be making its way onto two screens next summer with a port for the WiiU planned for release in July! This later release represents another WiiU game that has been given a “late port” to help build the WiiU’s library at launch, with other titles such as Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City and Darksiders 2 helping to boost up the WiiU’s initial launch. It might be a little late but the fact the game is coming to a Nintendo platforms is a big step up!

Update: So it seems our source messed up on that one, against everyone’s expectation it seems that Infinite will actually make it to the GameCube of all platforms! Despite its older hardware the GameCube represents an interesting challenge for Irrational Games, allowing them to us the GBA link cable to its fullest potential.

Update 2: Sorry, again, but our source is playing up, he keeps demanding more whisky before he’ll tell us any more details but it’s not coming to the GameCube it’s coming to the Wii, our source mixed the two up. Still, a port to the Wii is no easy undertaking and with those motion controls we can expect to see some incredible set pieces and…

Update 3: OK I know what you’re thinking, but honestly he swears this time it’s true, it’s coming to the 3DS. I know, the 3DS! It’s insane! Can you imagine a PORTABLE Bioshock! In 3D! It’s insane!

Editor’s Note (Cieran): We have recently discovered Lewis has been paying a homeless man for an exclusive source. He is not an exclusive source and we apologise for this article. Now get back to work.

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