Tokyo Game Show News Roundup

Square Enix are planning to continue their current run of not making Kingdom Hearts 3 by releasing a HD remake of all of the Kingdom Hearts games that aren’t Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2. The new HD pack known as Kingdom Hearts HD 3D ReMix Double Down Spin Back ‘Play it Again Sam’: The Final Edition releases in February on PS3 and 360 for some money and 99 cents.

Lost Planet 3 will be making its way back to consoles for the end of what might be a thrilling trilogy. The series, well renowned for having something in it I’m sure, will tie up all of the plot points the series probably has, and will include old faces/new faces/no faces depending on what the game is like. Capcom have said they are “aware” of Lost Planet 3’s development and expect critics to find it as enjoyable/more enjoyable/refreshingly different from the previous entries. The game quite likely has multiplayer too.

Doomed fan project Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance made an appearance at TGS despite obviously being a waste of everybody’s time. Lead designer some-dude-from-Platinum-Games couldn’t be reached for comment as he was being kept in his Tokyo hotel by angry Sony fans and a Microsoft fan demanding that Bayonetta 2 be released on 360 and PS3.

DmC or as it’s known amongst fans That Fucking Shit Emo Dante Thing has continued to receive positive previews, with journalists and critics saying it looks to be a fantastic reinvention of the Devil May Cry franchise. A member of the press from IGN said “It could well be one of the best games this generation, so it’s great to see that a huge pantheon of idiotic fanboys will never enjoy it. That way they can’t ruin this for us like they did everything else that is popular.”

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