World of Goo now officially owned by everybody

That world quite clearly comprises elements other than goo

2D Boy revealed a startling stat on their website today – everybody now owns World of Goo. The 2D puzzler, originally released on the Wii but since ported to every platform ever, including the Toyota Landcruiser, has been downloaded and played by every single one of the seven billion humans on the planet today.

The final person to experience the game, 23-year old Darryl Kelly from Kentucky, purchased the game for $0.25 as part of Google’s $0.25 sale to celebrate 25 billion screensavers downloaded from their Play Store.

Speaking exclusively to the Internet, 2D Boy founder Kyle Gabler stated that he was “pleased to be the first truly global example of shared culture. Never before in history has everyone owned the exact same thing. Gap came close in the 1990s, but who’d have thought that at the end of the day all it would take was a simple 2D puzzle game? Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to announce that the game will now be available for everyone to purchase again, this time on the back of cereal packets nationwide.”

Much of the game’s success can be attributed to its flexible pricing structure, which has ranged on a “pay-what-you-like” model from around $20 all the way down to “just pirate it, like we give a damn”.

We caught up with Kelly, the last person on the planet to purchase it, who seemed a little confused at all of the attention. “Honestly,” he said, “I bought it because it was 25 cents. I don’t intend to actually play it, I don’t even have an Android device! Actually, to tell you the truth, when I buy a product called World of Goo from the Internet, I expect something COMPLETELY different.”

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