Konami Can’t Remember Where it Left its Release Schedule

In a surprising announcement Konami has revealed that the reason its PR hasn’t been able to keep people informed as to its latest releases is because it lost the form that told them when game releases are happening.

“The whole system is automated, so the games get released regardless, it’s just we don’t know when or where,” explained Kyle Henchurch, head of Konami Public Relations. “The whole company has been in turmoil since we misplaced the sheet about 3 months ago. We’ve found one of the best ways to deal with the problem is to delay a game, that way we know when it’ll be out by. We’ve got loads of finished products right here we just can’t get them out yet because we don’t know when the machines will release it for us. We have to let it start, stop it, then set the new date.”

This comes as the company prepares to release Silent Hill Book of Memories “at some point this month we think”. The unpopular reinvention of the classic franchise will also see release in the same month as the unpopular reinvention of Resident Evil franchise, so at least it’ll be in good company. The current plan at Konami is to wait for angry games journalists to inform them that a game is out and then retweet them.

“We have saved a lot in press release budget to be honest, rather than write them ourselves we just get incensed journalists to do it for us,” explain Kyle. “Nobody gave a crap about Blades of Time until Jim Sterling complained loudly enough to spark interest.”

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