Warcraft player’s history in politics comes back to haunt him

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47-year old Callum Anderson is an average World of Warcraft player, who recently got back into the game with the release of Mists of Pandaria, however returning from his five-year hiatus he encountered a somewhat hostile environment.

“Everyone kept whispering to each other whenever I was around,” he told us, “at least, I think they were. You can’t tell when someone’s whispering in WoW, that’s kind of the point. Anyway, so I was looking for all my old guildmates when someone approached me outside Orgrimmar and said “We don’t want your type round here. Not after what you did”. And then he ganked me!”

After trawling through several forums relating to his now-defunct guild, Anderson was able to chance upon an answer. “Turned out it was because I had spent two years serving on Leicester City Council. Seems that WoW players don’t take all that kindly to politicians trying to get up in their affairs. It doesn’t affect how I play here! Those days as a merciless parasite destined only to do evil in the world are over, now I’m a Death Knight!”

The community’s reaction isn’t entirely ungrounded in reality. An infamous incident in 2005 saw a US congressman attempt to take down a particularly strong boss in a publicity stunt, only to infect those around him with asinine political posturing and slogans. His acolytes, who referred to themselves as “volunteers” then went out to spread the word, converting thousands into following mindless political doctrine. While Blizzard was able to step in and avert any long-term damage, the situation was seen by social scientists as invaluable, as it allowed a realistic simulation of the “canvassing” effect that some politicians exert.

In the game those affected were simply diverted to EVE Online, yet proposals to send afflicted persons in real life into space have been met with only a lukewarm response.

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