PETVG founded to protect video games from PETA

Opposed to the desecration of video games, but strangely silent on EA and Activision

They’ve gone after Mario for wearing fur. They’ve gone after Super Meat Boy for…uh…being meat. And now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are going after the Pokémon franchise for some not-adequately-explored reason. But “enough is enough” claimed one organisation, and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Video Games was founded.

“Every year several video games are misinterpreted by insane environmentalists” said founder Matt Jenkins, “but we’re taking a stand here, and we’re saying that we don’t accept this any more. Only through mass awareness campaigns can we get the message across that video games are not things to be made into tools of propaganda through tenuous reasoning.”

The organisation, despite only existing for a couple of days, has already drawn controversy for a highly-charged protest outside PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia headquarters with placards proclaiming “Data Protection is a Right!” and “Demonisation for arbitrary reasons is murder!”. PETA themselves have refused to comment on the protest, and the crudely-rendered Flash games remain on their website.

As a result, Jenkins mustered all of his programming might from a tenth grade IT lesson and countered with a crude Flash game of his own, featuring various characters from the world of video gaming attacking the PETA website. We pointed out the irony that he was abusing video games in order to fight the abuse of video games, to which Jenkins simply responded “know your enemy”.

Ultimately the organisation seems to be following the tactic of “do stupid things enough and aggravate the right people and the news media will pay attention to you, no matter how stupid your message is.”

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