Minecraft recreated in real life

Scene taken from Minecraft Airport World by mextremel

Since its inception in 2009, many things have been created in Minecraft, from real-life cities and buildings to real lives. However it seems that this trope has been subverted by the creation of Minecraft in real life.

The actual project, a 64mx64m square plot of land in Missouri, is the brainchild of construction magnate Allen J. Harris, who describes the project as a “unique experience which allows players to realistically experience what they go through in the game, in real life!”

The attraction features a carefully crafted terrain grid of square-meter blocks of dirt, which players are invited to dig up with their hands. Also on offer are cubic trees, imported from Japan, for players to punch. “That was a slightly tricky issue” admitted Harris, “turns out there’s a lot more blood and a lot less wood involved in punching cubic trees. Maybe if we’d just got shrubs or something.”

Like in the real game, while players are free to pursue their own goals, Harris has set them an overarching goal of building a large, cubic block of apartments. We asked if the players would be rewarded for their hard work with free housing, and he just laughed at the question.

The attraction, as it turned out, was short-lived, as health-and-safety officers quickly put a stop to it. “Turns out you can’t just make 13-year-olds eat melons and bread then force them to lug cubes of cement around your property, even if you’re charging them $100/day for the “authentic” experience” admitted a defeated Harris.

Harris is expected in court next month on eighteen counts of human enslavement, seven of trafficking in explosives and one for breaking the laws of physics by creating an infinite source of water.

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