Thousands of gamers mortified after Origin hack reveals they have an Origin account

Curse you Battlefield 1942!


Notable media (NB: “media” in this case refers exclusively to PixelGrater) punchbag EA is in the news again this week after it transpired that thousands of users of the company’s Origin digital distribution service had had their accounts hijacker. Perhaps more sinister however, is the revelation that the hackers in question were not after credit card details or even the solitary copy of Mass Effect 3 in the libraries of most of the service’s users, they were in fact simply finding usernames to “name and shame” the unlucky gamers.

“My reputation is in tatters!” said one anonymous user on the Steam forums. “I’ve built up a proper reputation as an EA hater over the last two years, and the revelation that my name is among those released has completely destroyed any shred of respectability I might have held either here or on the GameFAQs forums! All I wanted to do was play Spore!”

EA themselves have denied any involvement in the hack, though it certainly seems to have benefited them, with thousands of those affected being forced to own up to the fact that, despite media hyperbole and screed, the software isn’t actually the apocalyptic nightmare many claim it to be. They have furthermore downplayed rumours that the recent release of Battlefield 1942 for free was an attempt to lure in more users before the “naming and shaming” could commence.

Despite the revelation that a lot of the former critics of EA actually do use its services, there seems to have been no change in the attitude towards the company, with many users shown to spend a large amount of time on the service still lambasting it as awful and unusable, leading to “Riccitiello’s Corolary” being added to the notorious “Windows Theory”.

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