TIME Magazine Desperately Tries to Name 100 Games

In an attempt to interact with new markets the writers of TIME magazine have put together a brand new feature guaranteed to piss off large groups of readers. The “TIME Magazine Top 100 Video Games” features 100 video game Time could think of in a time span of about 2 hours. The article, written by committee ad hurried by editors, represents the forefront of modern, non-gaming journalism when faced with the issue of modern gaming as culture.

The list, which features games such as “That one with the frog and the road” and “I think he’s called Blonic” has helpfully highlighted the difference between people like video games and people who have to know about them to keep their job. The editors of TIME magazine expressed concern that the article may not appeal to its usual readership of what it calls “normal people” but have decided to throw gamers a bone because apparently we’ve “been so good this year”.

“Aw look at you cute little gamers,” said TIME magazine’s managing editor, Richard Stengel. “You’re getting all worked up because a real magazine decided to talk about you! It’s like when toddlers throw a little fit about not being allowed to eat all the ice cream, it’s because if we did our research it’d be bad for you! Yes it would! Yes it would! Who’s a cute little pop cultural phenomenon? You are!”

We’re not sure how he spoke in bold italics either.

About Lewis Dunn

Lewis got into gaming as a child, when he was handed the portable version of crack cocaine, known colloquially as Tetris. He would spend hours trying to make blocks form lines so they would disappear never to return. At the age of 8 he had his first existential crisis as to what happens to blocks that disappear. Lewis has a deep love of humour in games, with some of his favourites being No More Heroes, Brutal Legend & Portal. Lewis enjoys writing bios in the third person.