Far Cry 3 Multiplayer “Wasn’t Planned”

Ubisoft have today revealed in a “behind the scenes” video documentary that the multiplayer mode in the latest Far Cry game was “Both entirely unintentional and a real surprise when we found it on the disc”. The interview, conducted by Ubisoft’s internal documentary department Ubidoc, reveals that the mode wasn’t even an afterthought, and that its existence was created by a computer error.

“In the modern world of video games you need a multiplayer mode to make sure people don’t trade the game back in and to make sure the disc isn’t dedicated to a single, holistic experience” explained Mark Hetting, Ubisoft’s Blue Sky Director of Sales. “Launching without the mode is suicide, so we reprogrammed all the computers in Ubisoft’s major studios to create a multiplayer mode autonomously without developer input. This has led to a few oddities, but mostly people either don’t notice or don’t care. That is the purpose of a multiplayer mode after all, to be a bullet point and nothing else.”

This has led to speculation from fans that the multiplayer on Assassin’s Creed has come into existence in a similar fashion, with many seeing the mode as the creation of what is essentially an Call of Duty clone but with swords instead of guns and jester’s instead of barrel mounted grenade launchers. Theoretically this system will be applied to all our games from now on. Look forward to the multiplayer mode in “Quit Smoking 2 3DS” where you and a friend have to find a pack of nicotine patches together before one of you punches the other out of sheer frustration at their nicotine deficiency. You can also prestige and try to give up Weed.

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