Nintendo defends policy of “updating” Wii U

Shocking, Nintendo using modern technology

Its console hasn’t even been out for a month and Nintendo is already on the defensive over accusations that it has been “updating” its console and providing “needed services” to its paying customers.

“We know that this isn’t what people come to expect from Nintendo” said Reggie Fils-Aime in an interview, “the idea that a console may have an online function which not only acknowledges other players of the same game, but both allows you to communicate with them and then facilitates that in a halfway-decent way, is certainly a new one for us, and one which has surprised many of our critics, but we’re keen to stick to our guns on this “internet” thing.”

The company has been lambasted in the press for providing a service which many have described as “pleasant” or “enjoyable” and “nothing at all like the mind-numbing awfulness that was Internet on the Wii and DS”. “I didn’t even need to create a GameSpy account!” said one angry columnist. But a large amount of ire seems to be aimed at the fact that the company is delivering meaningful services to its users through online distribution channels. While the company seemed to be doing so with the Wii back in early 2007, it turned out that the “Everybody Votes” channel was not the groundbreaking entertainment experience that was promised.

Also criticised is the idea that a console with the Nintendo badge should be able to output video above 480p, but as Reggie said in the interview, “does it really matter what the number of lines on the screen is? We’re making Mario and Zelda and people will buy them regardless.”

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