Kojima Fans Becoming Convinced Everything is an Advert for MGS5

After the Video Game Awards ceremony revealed a teaser trailer for a game purported to be called “The Phantom Pain” Metal Gear Solid fans have gone nuts over the fact the trailer could very well be a disguised, cryptic clue as to the next entry in the series. Many fans have pulled the trailer apart for clues, and have now started looking outside the short easer for more clues.

“You see, in this trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 on of the villages has a door in it, just like that level in MGS4 set in Europe!” exclaimed Danny Hardy, a 21 year old Metal gear Solid enthusiast from Durham. “We’re piecing together the clues. So far we’ve figured out it’s called Metal Gear Solid 5: A New Begining and the antagonist is Zombie Regan with Ocelot’s foot! See if you take this trailer for Marley and Me and play it backwards…”

Many have called the conspiracy theory simply the ravings of hopeful fans, but when we interviewed a Konami employee at the event (which we definitely went to) they seemed coy.

“It’ not not a trailer for a game we’re not showing yet called Metal Gear Solid 5 that we haven’t announced yet on opposite day,” said Yoshio Toriyama, head of Konami’s vague publicity. “it might maybe be a trailer for a game by a studio that does doesn’t exist called Moby Dick which could possibly be a studio or maybe not or maybe I’m lying. Who knows! Not me, I’m not allowed to…”

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