Kickstarter “superproject” founded for failed projects

Delicious, delicious investment fraud

Delicious, delicious investment fraud

For every Pebble Watch, Doublefine Adventure or Ouya, hundreds of Kickstarter projects fail to reach their goal, whether these be overachieving video games, useless trinkets or technology which is at best described as “speculative”. A cadre of video game developers have come together, however, in order to take advantage of so-called “collective-bargaining” power.

While at first a project which meshes the likes of [probably] Peter Molyneux, [likely] the Oliver Twins and [definitely] “that guy who won loads of money on the lottery but then still asked for over a million dollars to make a nebulous video game” seems like something of an odd idea, the developers, lead by the team behind Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men, think that they’re on to a winner.

“We plan to feature a game which basically has the best aspects of other developers who’ve failed to kickstart their project” said the lead developer, who cannot be named due to an ongoing court case, “the best part about this is that because they’re all desperate, they’ll sell us their ideas dirt-cheap. And c’mon, we’ve got Peter Molyneux on board – the dude’s nothing but ideas!

In the very likely event that the project fails, given that rather than reaching for a reasonable sum, the project leaders are instead shooting for the combined sum of all the projects they have canibalised, the developers have said that they “won’t be disheartened. In that case, well, we’ll probably have spent a lot of money, invested a lot of time into a fruitless endeavour if you will. So we’ll just do what everyone else does when their obligations get too much for them – go back to Kickstarter.”

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