Gamers Blame Fox News for School Shooting


In a controversial move a group of concerned gamers have blamed a recent school shooting on a combination of access to guns and the news channel Fox News. A statement released earlier today stated that the pressure group GAFN (Gamers Against Fox News) believe that cause of the shootings had nothing to do with violence in video games but more to do with the fact that the Fox News network broadcast such loathsome bullshit and still be in business is enough to make anybody lose it.

“We didn’t think anybody was saying what we were thinking, so we stood up for ourselves,” said James Skargil, head of GAFN. “Fox News has been pushing it’s venomous tripe into our faces for years. You know how many times I’ve punched a wall after watching Fox News for 5 minutes? It’s a lot. If this kid was exposed to Fox News for longer than that then he may have just lost it.”

This response has lead to confusion from right wing media outlets who were heard to proclaim “You can’t do that! We attacked you first, that’s stealing our idea!” from the Fox News Headquarters. The backlash has been overwhelming, with Fox News anchors apparently tasting their own medicine for the first time.

“It feels bad to be accused of something I didn’t do,” explained Bill O’Reilly. “Is this how people feel when I do it to them? It feels bad… maybe… maybe I shouldn’t do this for a living. I could go and open a little shop and sell pies to kids. They’d like that…”

Mr O’Reilly resigned this afternoon.

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