Review: 2013

This image accurately sums up all the events of 2013. Somehow.

This image accurately sums up all the events of 2013. Somehow.

Often, video game news websites will attempt to be the first to review a video game, and in doing so will perhaps omit some parts of it in order to create a faster review. Likewise, it is often the case that “years-in-review” features will go up earlier and earlier every year. For this reason, we at PixelGrater feel adequately prepared to write a review of the year 2013, both in general and its impacts in gaming.

Wow, what a year 2013 was. With exactly 50% of its days being sunny and bright, and 50% being rainy and miserable, the year certainly knew how to offer an emotive backdrop to the myriad global events which unfloded within it. The most important of these was of course the US government’s attempts to tackle the fiscal cliff, which was thankfully resolved at the last minute, leaving the global economy ending the year on a distinctive high!

Some of the background decoration in the year was somewhat gaudy, with the themes of “leftover Christmas decorations” dominating throughout the year, and cuisine primarily featuring leftover turkey from 2012. Fashion and political trends were likewise almost identical to those of the previous year, and in fact there was nothing at all which happened to really define 2013 as a “game changer”.

Meanwhile, the year is unique amongst any year since the mid-20th century in that absolutely no new video games were released, with only Retro City Rampage getting an XBLA port in the entire year. Needless to say, this was somewhat disappointing, and we can only hope that 2014 brings something new to the table, such as all of the games that 2013 promised which never transpired.

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