God of War Multiplayer Impressions

God of War: Ascension
Why have they made God of War a multiplayer game? This was the question I asked myself as I booted up my PS3 to try out the new beta that had recently been released for the public. I mean, why though? It’s not like anybody asked for it or even wanted it. So why does the new God of War have multiplayer? Perhaps it’s to bring in a larger crowd of would be Spartan warriors into the franchise. But will multiplayer do that, in a God of War game? I played it to find out.

So you might be asking yourself “But Lewis, why does God of War have a multiplayer mode?” and I’d respond with “I don’t know, why does God of War have a multiplayer mode?” to which you’d respond “No it wasn’t a joke setup, I want to know why the new God of War, a normally single player game, has a multiplayer mode.” To which I’d respond “A good question, I don’t know why the new God of War Game has a new multiplayer mode, but it is something I’d like to ask the development team if I got the chance. Oh wait, hang on, there’s a beta, let’s give it a play”.

So I got to the menu screen of the new God of War multiplayer mode (which doesn’t normally exist, although I don’t know why it now does. Why does God of War have a multiplayer mode?) and played it for half an hour. Not sure why it’s there, but it’s OK. Probably better than you’d expect a God of War multiplayer mode to be, but still not answering that vital question of just why is it there?
Also I came 2nd once and I felt badass.

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