January News Round-up



Sometimes here at PixelGrater we see some smaller news stories which may not have made the cut of a full article, but nonetheless are issues that the world should know about. So here’s the second ever monthly round-up of news you might have missed because of all the big releases that came out in this month.

Senator Leland Yee Apologises to Gamers…for them sucking so much

California senator and noted opponent of the video games industry Leland Yee was in a bit of hot water earlier this month after claiming that gamers have “no say” in the debate over gun control which has raged recently in the USA. After receiving a large backlash from an industry with a large presence in his (bankrupt) state, Yee put out a public statement apologising to those he may have offended. The apology, however, was laden with airquotes, and contained gratuitous footage of Yee making an “L” with his thumb and forefinger against his forehead. It was finished with a large, loud “NOT”, because as 2012 taught us, referencing things from the 1990s is a shortcut to cool.

Nintendo officially announces entry into seventh generation of video game consoles with addition of bloom to its games

While the Wii U might rival the Xbox 360 and PS3 for power, the Wii was a decidedly sixth-generation console, with more in common to the Xbox or PS2 than their more recent counterparts. As a result, the Wii was incapable of processing the advanced demands of generation seven, notably the “desaturation” and “lighting nodes EVERYWHERE” parts – required in all games since 2007. With the announcement of Wind Waker HD for the Wii U, however, it looks like the company has finally got with the times!

Cambodia complains of “copycat runners” at Ankgor Wat

The Cambodian Tourist board has had to warn people that “attempts to run along the decaying bridges that make up [their] UNESCO World Heritage Site will be met with both a high chance of injury, and a swift visit to the local police station.” Blaming the influence of video games and the release of Temple Run 2, the tourist board made it clear that “there are no floating coins in the ruins. Just snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.” Similar requests have come in from confused Mormons in Salt Lake City, as well as one particularly unfortunate woman whose head was used as game practice.

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