“Next Xbox” latest rumours – console to be manufactured by Microsoft, will play games

Hopefully less of this

Hopefully less of this

The Internet rumour mill has been swilling about for the past few weeks attempting to decide just what horrible ways the next Xbox will change the Xbox 360, and has finally settled upon two major rumours that it is confident are true.

The first is that the console will be manufactured by Microsoft. This is highly likely due to the fact that Microsoft have said that they are manufacturing it, and also both the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox were manufactured by Microsoft. The second confirmed rumour is that the console will most likely play video games – this is expected to be a key selling point of any “games console” released in the next few years, and will likely also apply to whatever Sony puts out this year.

“I’ve played one of these consoles and I can confirm both of those rumours” said the lead developer of the console, who wished to remain unnamed, but can be considered a fairly credible source due to being the lead developer of the console. “We’re unable to confirm or deny anything else though, and really anyone who isn’t me or my immediate team, all of whom are bound by pretty watertight non-disclosure agreements, is most likely making things up about the console in an attempt to get pageviews on their two-bit gaming news blog.”

While it certainly seems possible that the new console will restrict second-hand games/require a permanent internet connection/be download only/require a personal dispensation from Steve Ballmer/have a failure rate lower than 1/3, at this point in its development life-cycle all we can really do is mindlessly speculate, and pounce on any bit of news we can find, or at least just harass Michael Pachter and Nikkei until they tell us what they think.

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