PS4 speculation officially exhausted

Logo. Probably.

Logo. Probably.

Games journalists are at a loss today after it emerged that there was nothing left for them to speculate on with regards to tomorrow’s probable announcement of the PlayStation 4. While the hype train has been at full steam for the last few weeks, it seems to have fallen at the final hurdle.

The final piece of “novel” speculation was posted by Joystiq at 8:49 this morning, and questioned in which building at Foxconn the top half of the casing would be manufactured in, in the hypothetical event that it was manufactured at Foxconn and had a casing that came in two halves. This leaves all other publications at a complete loss for the next day or so ahead of the conference. While many are hoping to bridge the gap with “round-up” posts, others who have already put these out are not so lucky.

David Martin, President of IGN was heard to ask his staff if there was anything, anything left to make wild, stabbing guesses at, yet received a resounding “no”, following last week’s speculation on “whether or not the indicator LEDs will be blue or red.”

Kotaku in particular has been particularly hard-hit by the revelation, and has had to send several of its reporters to central Tokyo in order to obtain upskirt shots to run as part of the “extended Kotaku East” that has been put in place to tide the blog over until tomorrow’s press conference.

The conference, however, will likely offer little in the way of respite – while it may confirm or deny some speculation, the levels that we have seen are simply unsustainable, and we at PixelGrater predict eventually that every news website will simply take the unscrupulous route of “making shit up.”

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