“Solitaire: Anniversary Edition” Announced

Concept art leaked via www.kingofcards.com/xbox

Microsoft has announced that they plan the remake and repackage the original “Solitaire” for Xbox 360 and PC this winter for an Anniversary Edition. One spokesman from Microsoft said “We’re not sure which anniversary it is, but we’re going to celebrate the hell out of it!” The Special Edition of the Anniversary Edition (or Solitaire AE:SE) comes with the soundtrack on CD and vinyl, as well as an actual scale model of a deck of cards. The lead designer of the project, Kevin Shameless, said in an interview “Many people see this remake as unnecessary, but here at Microsoft we believe we can make the unnecessary into money, and that’s just magical. For us.”

Fans reacted to the news with a mixed reception, some declaring their everlasting love of “Solitaire” and anticipation for the remake, while others observed Microsoft has been making this game for years with improved iterations, and that to go back and remake the original is borderline self indulgent. The new “Solitaire” will include an online multiplayer mode, whereby the other player can watch their friend (or random online partner) play solitaire and say what they should be doing over voice chat. The game will also have a 3D option that’ll make the cards at the end simply jump out of the screen at you, as well as Kinect voice commands such as “Deal again” and “How long have I been playing this?” Pre-orders are through the roof, one game retailer was overheard to have said that “This is the literal definition of unbelievable”. Many fans are hoping for a remake of “Solitaire 2” in the same vein.

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