Halo 4 to Feature Guns

Much to everybody’s relief 343 studios has today announced that Halo 4 will continue to have guns as a main feature. “We’ve had lots of people on tenterhooks over this, but we’re proud to announce Halo 4 will include as many, if not more guns than any other Halo game.” The announcement puts at ease the rumours 343 might make the game about careful diplomacy. “We like to tease our fans a bit, so when we showed characters talking for longer than 3 seconds in recognisable words as opposed to grunts we know some fans jumped to conclusions. That was unfortunate, but now we hope that fans are happy that the series is returning to its undying roots”.

The move back to guns is said to have been a reaction to the original teaser trailer, where Master Chief was seen to have a conversation with Cortana and then escape an exploding space ship. Rumours from inside the industry say that Halo 4 was originally planned as an exploding ship escape game with only mild use of guns as a tool to help escape. Many more thought you may actually play as Cortana and warn the Chief about stuff. Suffice to say all these rumours have been laid to rest now, with gameplay footage being shown not only of guns being fired, but bullets killing aliens. 343 industries has a lot to live up to after Halo Reach managed to be an entire Halo game that played exactly like the others so well it might as well have been them. For 343 to live up to the legacy set by Bungie of making the same game again is not easy boots to fill, but the lead designer, Kevin Vee said “I can assure fans we have access to all the art assets and code that Reach had, so suffice to say we won’t be straying too far from the formula. At all.”


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