Call of Duty 4 to get HD remake

58% more bloom and lens flare!

Given the current trend for remaking old games with HD textures and optimisation so that they work on modern machines, Activision have announced that they will soon be bringing an HD remake of 2007’s hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The game, which launched the multimillion selling Modern Warfare franchise came at the end of what was overall a very successful year for the industry, seeing titles such as Portal, Bioshock andFIFA 2008, but in the intervening five years many games and consoles have started to show their age, necessitating a remake.

“We wanted to do it sooner really. After all, we’re all about the fans and what’s best for them *giggle*” said Bobby Kotick when pressed for a comment on the move. “And we feel that, with five years having elapsed, the time is right for a remake. I mean, look at The Amazing Spider-Man . Furthermore, gamers will be pleased to hear that all current generation consoles will be receiving the title, except the Wii because honestly who gives a crap about the Wii any more?”

The retooled version, to be handled by original developers Infinity Ward, will feature textures at a slightly higher resolution than 2007’s, as well as a completely retooled weapons system. “By retooled we of course mean that we have literally changed the tools the players have access to” said lead developer Mark Rubin. “Beforehand they had an AK-47. Now? They have the AK-48. Never say that Activision and Infinity Ward don’t offer you value for your $60. Also there’s going to be more DLC this time, because duh, Activision.”

Never ones to be seen to be slow off the mark, EA have announced that 2013 will see an HD remake of Battlefield 4. Released six months after Battlefield 4.

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