THQ Credits Darksiders 2 as the Work of a Single Man


THQ has been seen to have acted unfairly today, as it credited the entirety of the game Darksiders 2 as being the work of Jeremy Hesketh, a 32 year old human resources manager in THQ’s Vigil Games.

“I suppose you could see it as a shame,” said Jeremy in an online forum post he wrote to explain the situation. “The thing is though the way credits work in the video game industry is that if you are fired before a project is over then you don’t get credited. It was sadly the case that just as the game went through its final stages of Q&A that THQ told me to fire everyone. It’s such a shame; now all the other developers will think I made Darksiders 2 by myself, which is of course untrue but amazing for my CV. But mostly sad. That is definitely my emotions towards this.”

When pushed for a quote by our roving reporter, head of THQ Brian Farrell said “What? What mass firing? I ordered no such thing! What do you mean there is only one person working at Vigil Games? Oh god my email’s been hacked again hasn’t it? I really need to think of better passwords…”

The situation has lead to the website “Seriously Jeremy  Hesketh is a Dick” .com where the actual developers of Darksiders 2 have put forward a smear campaign as well as details of the legal trial expected to happen in the winter of this year. The website’s main blurb simply reads “We know we’re getting our jobs back, but we still want to lynch Jeremy Hesketh. We will provide money for old rope.”

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