Konami Announces MGS: Ground Zeroes, Kills Any Hype for Revengeance

Metal Gear what now?

At PAX last weekend Hideo Kojima took to the stage to show off Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, an open world Metal Gear Solid game that will serve as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5. As he did this the team at Platinum Games let out  a collective sigh of exasperation and lowered sales expectations immediately.

“When they told us we could do the next MGS game we got all excited,” said the head of Platinum games in an email he accidentally sent to us instead of Destructoid. “Now we see that we were sent a doomed project that won’t sell a copy. We thought we’d do fine, most people reckoned the MGS series was all tied up and that our bonus game might be the last one to ever be released. Then they show off this incredible looking open world thing and we’re completely fucked. No seriously, who’s going to buy our ridiculous sword fighting game now? The same 12 people that bought Madworld? We’re already pre-emptively melting some of the blank DVDs we ordered.”

The announcement has sparked a lot of excitement amongst the game industry, eliciting quotes such as “Holy fuck!” and “I WANT THAT GOD DAMN GAME!” from both the Queen of England and President Obama. Most fans have already in a fit of confused excitement tried to pre-order the game for Kojima himself, by thrusting $60 at him over and over again. Mr Kojima rejected the onslaught, claiming “This game isn’t coming out until March, to give Revengeance the month it needs to get out of our way.”

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