New Humble Indie Bundle includes Borderlands 2


The team behind the Humble Indie Bundle 6 are proud to announce that the latest bundle includes the action RPG Borderlands 2 as part of the package. The latest in the Borderlands saga, the sequel can only be attained by beating the average price of $65, a standard set by the team themselves.

“Everyone buys Indie Bundles, and everyone wants to buy Borderlands 2, so why not combine them for marketing mecca!” explained Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox and the most enthusiastic man in the world. “I mean, wow, to have Borderlands 2, which we’re super excited about, be in the Indie Bundle, which we’re ecstatic to be involved in, is really amazing! I mean gee willikers you guys, we’re working with a bunch of incredibly talented people, who we’re extremely impressed by, to help deliver our game, which is going to be great, to an audience who we love and feel are the best audience a guy could wish for!” Mr Pitchford then looked out a window, exclaimed “Oh my gosh, a bird!” and proceeded to run out of the interview.

We also reached out to the team behind the new Humble Bundle, but they said email was too “mainstream” away to communicate so we’re waiting for the return of the carrier pigeon we… oh here it is. Hang on I’ll copy this statement out:

Dear Pixel Grater,

The reason we have made this move is because everyone just buys the bundle for a buck anyway, and this seemed like a way to get 5 bucks instead. At least this way we get money for clogging up a Steam library.

Yours Sincerely
HIB6 Team

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