THQ temporarily declares Bankruptcy

There. Haven’t Quit!

THQ have today announced they have declared bankruptcy after they failed to meet financial deadlines. However, 10 minutes later, after somebody accidentally bought a uDraw tablet off Amazon thinking it was a WiiU, the company declared it could stay afloat for at least another 3 weeks.

“Those things cost a fortune to buy but nothing to make, we’re weathered for now,” said Brian Farrell, as he carried the contents of his desk back into his rented office. “Many companies are very touch and go right now, and THQ is no different. We represent a modern form of business, that of massive uncertainty and financial disrepair. We sold the coffee machine last month; that kept us in business for about 2 more days. I’d say we were in a bad situation but failing to come to terms with reality is probably the only thing keeping me sane.”

THQ have recently shipped Darksiders 2 which sold much less than the company was hoping. To be fair they were hoping it would sell a million billion but that’s because their sales analyst was recently checked into a mental health ward. Other than that THQ has nothing big on the horizon, and is relying on their Wii U offerings to finally give the company the kind of liquid assests it needs to saitiate its never ending debt thirst.

“I woudn’t use the word desperate, desperate suggests negativity.” explain Mr Farrell as he restacked his shelves. “I think foolhardy or perhaps even delusional is a better description. Now excuse me, I have some paper to shred. It doesn’t have anything written on it it just helps me concentrate.”

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