Valve already planning delays to Source Engine 3


Having recently revealed that it’s working on a second version of its popular Source Engine, Valve are already planning the delays to occur on the eventual third version – before the second even has any games confirmed to be using it.

“When people think Valve, they think delays. Delays and hats” said Gabe Newell. “So this time we’ve decided to jump ahead of the curve, and rather than announcing any useful information about Source 2, we’re going straight out to say that Source 3 has been delayed. While originally our hypothetical engine wasn’t going to be released until 2022, you can now expect it in fall 2024, though expect that to change. You may now make the requisite jokes about my company’s inability to count to the number…whichever one it is which comes after two.”

The announcement has sent waves of acceptance through the gaming media, with one unnamed journalist commenting that “after the debacle that Source 2 will prove to be over the next few years, Valve’s predictions really were incredibly optimistic for their release of Source 3. By 2026 I’m sure we’ll be asking ourselves if we’re ever going to see it, and gamers will be deluding themselves every year that it will be shown at the “next E3″.”

Valve were quiet on the details of what the new engine would contain, saying only that it will feature “barrel physics like you wouldn’t believe,” and would probably be cross-platform in order to accomodate whatever way the technology market changes after Google enslaves the entire world in 2019.

The company has been quick to deny rumours that the reasons for the projected delays were that they were attempting to get Half Life 3 working on the engine, stating “really? You’re making a HL3 joke? After already riffing off hats and delays? Go ahead, just call Gabe fat and be done with it.”

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