THQ asset auction sees letter T, H and Q sold off

Yes, THQ. Again.

Yes, THQ. Again.

After it became apparently that there was no possible financial way to save a company whose only assets consisted of a piece of string, two copies of Darksiders and thousands of unsold uDraw tablets, it was fairly quickly decided to sell off the assets of THQ fairly quickly. The defunct company-cum-punchbag has seen its IP portfolio, its properties, and now even its title letters broken into pieces and sold individually.

The arrangement will see the rights to use the letters T, H and Q, currently held by the company and leased out to anyone on a royalty-free basis, sold off to whoever chooses, though bidders are expected to come from within the video game industry itself. Travellers’ Tales, riding high on the success of their latest title Lego Legoland are reported to be particularly interested in obtaining the letter T due to its prominent usage in the company’s title and logo. The letter H, meanwhile, has received attention both from Rock Band developer Harmonix and the Nintendo-owned HAL Laboratory. Little interest has been given to the company’s final letter, however. While initially the letter was being sort for use in Q*Bert, bankrupt companies such as Atari are not generally in the business of buying up other bankrupt companies. Unless they’re GAME eyeing up the empty HMV shop fronts on the high street.

Not everyone at THQ HQ was despondent, however, with company heads Brian Farrel and Jason Rubin both in particularly jovial moods.

Said Farrel in an interview: “Not only do neither of our names contain any of the letters at hand, but if we can shift the letter Q that’s a full ten points in Scrabble!”

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